Security and Compliance

Today’s organizations are concerned with protecting critical corporate information, guarding against data leakage, proactively monitoring, and mitigating threats, all while attempting to ensure compliance. Security breaches are imminent and many security breaches are financially crippling, causing business to lose millions of dollars as well as damaging their brand’s reputation.

Will’s Security and Compliance services help organizations to:

  • Meet increased regulatory compliance demands pertaining to security such as SOX, SEC, FSA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA
  • Align with industry best practices and maintain competitive advantages including COBIT, ISO27001, NIST, ITILrisk and compliance frameworks
  • Address external and internal security concerns including security incidents, audit findings and contractual obligations
  • Improve efficiency and consistency
  • Meet the need for strategies to implement effective and efficient security controls within the context of industry standard IT, governance, of security operations including standardization of security architecture and processes and common risk management processes
  • Improve security posture and awareness through knowledge and information to eliminate guesswork, fear, uncertainty and doubt